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Certified Clinical Densitometrist and Bone Health Expert





Meet-N-Greet with Dr. Lani!

Meet-and-Greet with Dr. LaniFired up about your bones? In celebration of the PBS special re-airing, enjoy a 20-minute meet-and-greet with Dr. Lani to answer your burning questions about bone health.Take the next step

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Build healthy bones for life!

Dr. Lani Simpson cuts through confusion and inaccuracies surrounding osteoporosis. Learn about her well-rounded, whole-body approach to bone health, including discussions of digestive health, diet, supplements, exercise, and how aging affects the bones.

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Be Your Own Health Expert Seminar Series

From improving bone quality to managing arthritis to hypothyroidism, become your own Bone Health Expert through this audio and video series, including interviews with Judy Lane, NP NS and Dr. Jennifer Schneider.




Dr. Lani's Latest Blogs

Osteoporosis and Anorexia Athletica

Osteoporosis and Anorexia Athletica

Case study: by Dr. Lani Simpson (all case studies are with permission from clients or composites). Last year a patient came in who had recently fractured three vertebrae lifting a window. She was in a full brace from her neck to her hi  ...


Bone Density Test Errors

Bone Density Test Errors

In this article, my aim is to share with you two cases that came across my desk last week. Both DXA's had basic errors that could have been caught, if anyone was paying attention. Bone density is an amazing tool, and a very important piece of the  ...


Fosamax & Your Bones: A Cautionary Tale

Fosamax & Your Bones: A Cautionary Tale

On November 30, 2016, I interviewed Sandi Putnam via live webinar. Many years ago, Sandi was a very dutiful patient and followed her doctor’s orders, without question. She trusted her doctor and knew he had her best interests at heart. So, when h  ...


Are your shoes fracture-free?

Are your shoes fracture-free?

Let your shoes be a tool, not a heel. In this video tip, I help you look out for the right features in the right shoes that will keep you fracture-free. And no, you don't have to sacrifice style for safety and function! Just keep an eye   ...


Don't lift more than 10 pounds!! ... Really??

Don't lift more than 10 pounds!! ... Really??

Diagnosed with osteoporosis? Heard this just as you left the doctor's office? Dr. Lani helps you think through what this common recommendation really means for you. Most people diagnosed with osteoporosis hear this general medical advice as t  ...


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Expert Speaker

A seasoned, professional speaker, Dr. Lani is available for keynotes, workshops, and online presentations. Also available for book readings, signings, and doctor office visits.
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The No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide is the first consumer book to expose the shocking difficulty of getting accurate bone density readings, and the serious risks of long-term medication use.
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Bone Expert

Using her clinical experience and her multi-disciplinary approach, Dr. Lani has educated thousands of clients and healthcare professionals about hormone and bone health.
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