Phase One - Foundations

By ensuring our office receives everything in one, single, mailed package: 

  • Mail COPIES of all 7 items in below list (#6 is optional) in ONE packet to 1517 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94703.
  • Keep originals. Single-sided copes only, please! No faxes or scans sent in email, please. We can't mail back records except CDs of imaging reports.
  • Keep records in marked sections (lab results, bone density tests, etc.). Organize by recent reports on top.
  • Please indicate on the checklist if you want the Foundations (Phase I) or Comprehensive Package (Phases I and II).
  • After we’ve received all documents (including DXAs from imaging facilities), you receive a link to schedule and pay online. Online payment is best, but if absolutely necessary you may include a check with your records.
  • The link for the Comprehensive package (2 appointments) allows you to pay in full, or half upfront, and the rest when you book your final appointment. NOTE: link expires within 90 days of the first visit.

Click to print the first 4 forms & instructions:

  1. Packet checklist
  2. Health questionnaire filled out completely (10 pages)
  3. 7-day diet diary filled out completely
  4. Instructions for getting DXA reports from the imaging facility (not your doctors' office)
  5. Last 3-5 years of blood work, and all relevant bone-related tests (obtain from your MD's Records Department) 
  6. CDs of X-rays and only bone-related MRI reports such as fractures. (Please, no film hard copies which may be requested later if necessary.)
  7. Self-addressed, stamped envelope for returning CDs (if any) 

We look forward to working with you!


Phase Two - Comprehensive Analysis

You will receive a comprehensive report regarding your individual’s needs for your bone health and time with Dr. Simpson to go over the report.

Step 1: Before Phase II can be booked, Phase I must be completed.

This appointment is the follow-up to the Phase I Foundations Assessment.

Step 2: In Phase I, if there are additional lab work and/or DXA reports recommended, these will need to be received by Dr. Simpson before Phase II appointment is scheduled.

Step 3: Dr. Simpson will review, analyze, and prepare the following information before the appointment:

  • Additional lab work and/or DXA reports
  • Phase II Lifestyle Recommendations Report, that may include any of the following:
    • Nutrition for bone health
    • Supplementation Suggestion
    • Exercise program that is safe for your situation
    • Report will be sent to you before phone appointment

Step 4: a 60-minute phone or in-person appointment with Dr. Simpson to go over:

  • Phase II Lifestyle Recommendations Report
  • Strategies to implement the recommendations
  • Answer your questions

Step 5: Dr. Simpson will provide client with a final Phase II Report that will be a reference for implementing changes that will support your bone health.

*On occasion Dr. Simpson requires considerably more time due to the complexity of an individual’s health history. We will notify you before the appointment if we think additional time will be required.


Everybody starts here:

20-minute Initial Exploratory Session

On this call, I'll offer my opinion regarding your next steps, which may include my Bone Health Assessment Program. You will be able to discuss your case, including your diagnosis. Reviews of lab results or bone density tests are not included in this initial assessment.

There are two phases designed to educate and support you to learn and be more proactive in your bone health, but everybody starts in the same place, with an initial 20-minute exploratory session. You meet with me remotely by phone, video-conference, or in-person.

Schedule 20-minute Exploratory