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Certified Clinical Densitometrist and Bone Health Expert

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Learn the difference between “osteoporosis,” “osteoarthrosis,” and “osteoarthritis,” and how to manage inflammation in the joints with diet and exercise.

Hormones & Supplements

How hormone imbalances affect women throughout their lives, and supplemental hormones and natural nutrition and herbs affect bone loss and vitality.

Medications & Fractures

How prolonged biphosphonate drugs (Fosamax, Actonel etc.) can decrease bone quality for some and increase hip and jaw fractures for others.

Bone Density Testing

What do those crazy T and Z-scores mean? Learn to interpret your own bone density tests, and question the accuracy of too-often-misread results.

Bone Quality

Dr. Lani simplifies for us the complexities of building and maintaining good bone quality, and how quality differs from mere bone density.

Spinal Fractures

Learn the lifestyle and genetic factors that put bones at risk for fracture, how compression fractures happen, and how to decrease your fracture risk.