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Wed. 9/15: Whole Body Vibration with Dr. Clinton T. Rubin, Ph.D.

September 14, 2010 Featured, General Health, Osteoporosis 4 Comments

This webinar was taped and it is free.

Join us for a special evening with Dr. Clinton Rubin who will present his extensive work on whole body vibration. We will discuss the benefits and risks of this technology.  The primary focus of this webinar will be on WBV and bone – preventing and treating osteoporosis.

Dr. Clinton T. Rubin, Ph.D. with one of his test subjects standing on a low intensity vibration platform.  Turkeys measured before and after using whole body vibration showed an increase in bone formation.

Research Focus

The major research focus of my work is targeted towards understanding the cellular mechanisms responsible for the growth, healing, and homeostasis of bone. More specifically, I am interested in how biophysical stimuli (i.e., mechanical, electrical, temperature, magnetic, pressure) mediate these responses. The clinical significance of this work is applicable to the inhibition of osteopenia, the promotion of bony ingrowth into prostheses or skeletal defects, and the acceleration of fracture healing.

Dr. Rubin’s research into non-invasive, non-pharmacological intervention to control osteoporosis was referenced in National Geographic’s January 2001 article about surviving space travel. His studies show that the application of extremely low level strains to animals and humans will increase bone formation, and thus may represent the much sought after “anabolic” stimulus in bone.

There’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on in the world of whole body vibration (WBV).  Many companies are selling equipment promising fast development of muscle mass, weight loss, increased healing time for muscle and joint injuries at a fraction of the time for standard exercise.  Vibration is also a selling point for many companies as a form of treatment for osteoporosis.  It has been well established that WBV builds muscle mass and increases balance. However, less is known about WBV and its ability to halt or reverse bone loss.  I have been working with osteoporosis for close to 20 years and the number one thing that I have learned is that everyone is different. What has been most important to me in my work is finding out why someone is losing bone mass, and discovering the why or whys requires a detailed analysis of each individual’s case.  For some who have osteoporosis, it may be that they never gained peak bone mass because they smoked cigarettes as a teenager, had a digestive disorder or a nutrient deficiency.  Osteoporosis is not a one size fits all diagnosis or treatment regiment. Treatments should include nutrition, exercise, resolving any digestive issues, hormone balancing and yes, sometimes medication. One alternative treatment option that I am excited about is WBV, especially low intensity WBV that anyone, including disabled people can use.  This is what Dr. Rubin will be talking about in tomorrow night’s webinar on Whole Body Vibration.

Stars such as Madonna have attested to the incredible workouts they get on a WBV machine in much less time than simply lifting weights. Some doctors and physical therapists are adding WBV equipment to their offices for physical therapy for their patients to heal injuries, lose weight, and improve balance.  Some people are purchasing less durable home units. The cost can range from $400.00 to $12,000 depending on the unit. The higher end products tend to be more durable and can handle a heavier body weight, which is not true of some of the home models.  Last year, the TV show “The Doctors” and “The Tyra Banks Show” featured WBV units used for weight loss, lymphatic drainage, muscle toning and balance. This same machine may help treat osteoporosis as well.

Can this technology increase bone density? Is WBV over-hyped or is it a reasonable tool to use for osteoporosis, bodybuilding, balance training, weight loss and rehabilitation? I have spent the past two years investigating WBV personally testing a variety of machines, and I am very positive about the benefits of this technology.




  1. Mike Eroche on said:

    I’ve been researching the use of a whole body vibration to help build bone density. There are all sorts of websites out there and each one has some twist to the story. I’ve discovered one recently though that seems legitimate and I’m curious what Dr. Rubin knows and thinks about it. The website is http://www.bodyvibrationpros.com. If possible please pass this along to Dr. Rubin so I may get his input. Thank you

  2. Dottie Anderson on said:

    I watched and listened to the fabulous interview with Dr. Rubin. VERY informative, and well done.

    Thank you, Dr. Rubin! I’ve been following your career ever since reading about the work you did for NASA. I want to be one of the first in line to order one of the Marodyne machines! I am 80 and my husband is 84, so the sooner we get started using it, the better! We both watched the Webinar, and were very impressed with the results shown by the graphs.

    The Webinar was an hour very well spent! Thank you, too, Dr. Lani, for making it possible. I’m looking forward to attending the next Webinar, because I took Fosamax for 10 Years(!) until 4 years ago. I quit because it was no longer helping me, and I had begun to worry about the possibility of a broken femur.

    Thank you again, for the Webinar. What a wonderful use of the internet!

  3. S. Lee Tignor on said:

    Unfortunately, although I had registered for the webinar and was looking forward to hearing what you and Dr. Rubin had to say, I fell asleep at my computer before it began.

    Is there a written record of what was on the Webinar that I could at least read? From what I’ve read about Marodyne right now I want to be the first in line to buy the machine. But I do have some questions about it.

    Thank you for your response. My sincere apologies for missing the Webinar. I didn’t mean to fall asleep!

    Lee Tignor

  4. Erica Medcalf on said:

    I wanted to watch the webinar but as I am in the UK the time difference made it difficult. For more than two years, I have been using the Juvent Machine which Clinton Rubin developed and which was to be trialed with NASA. He has now moved on to the Marodyne. I have questions I have tried to get answered about whether my machine is still considered effective (it cost more than £2000 and I am a retired teacher not a millionaire) or if there would be help with an upgrade and whether 10 mins. twice a day is now recommended instead of 20 mins.

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