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Certified Clinical Densitometrist and Bone Health Expert


Why put up with running low? Pre-order "Hypothyroidism: The CD & Companion Book" today!

Monday, August 29, 2016
Why put up with running low? Pre-order "Hypothyroidism: The CD & Companion Book" today!

Tired of feeling tired? No need to put up with running low.

Now you can get pro-active about your underactive thyroid. Did you know an estimated 13 million of Americans live with hypothyroidism, and don't even know it? How do you know if you have it? What lab tests can help you understand what's going on? Understand the difference between total T3 and T4, and free T3 and T4. Learn how to use a home test to measure your thyroid activity. Are bioidentical thyroid hormones right for you? What can you control with diet?

Part of the "Be Your Own Health Expert" series, Dr. Lani Simpson helps you understand the nitty gritty facts of living with hypothyroidism. From symptoms and causes, to understanding lab tests, to bioidentical hormones, supplements and diet -- get Dr. Lani's tips, facts, and recommendations for working with healthcare providers and living worry-free while being in-the-know on the most important conversation of your life -- your health!

Topics include:

  • Symptoms checklist
  • The adrenal connection
  • Lab tests to order or consider
  • Treatment options
  • Diet supplementation
  • Working with healthcare providers
  • Home tests and diet tracking tools
  • and much more!
Click here to order. "Hypothyroidism: the CD and Companion Book"


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