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Certified Clinical Densitometrist and Bone Health Expert


Bone Density Test Errors

Friday, January 27, 2017
Bone Density Test Errors

 In this article, my aim is to share with you two cases that came across my desk last week. Both DXA's had basic errors that could have been caught, if anyone was paying attention. Bone density is an amazing tool, and a very important piece of the puzzle when looking at bone health. This article should not make you avoid being tested. In fact, getting your first test will certainly help you and your doctors on the path to determining whether or not you have a bone density problem.

Where errors really come into play is when comparison tests are done. As you will see, in both DXA's on the next page, one of the lumbar spine and one of the femur, these types of errors can result in either reporting increased bone density or decreased bone density when a future or previous test is compared to it, unless the regional error is corrected. By the way, both errors that you see displayed below can be corrected without having a scan redone. The only time it is necessary to redo a scan on a patient is when the technician did a poor job with body placement. Frequently I send a short letter to a facility requesting changes, or give it to my patient and they will take it to the imaging facility. The changes will be made, and the imaging facility will issue a new report.

To see the DXA scans in question and read the rest of my article, please click HERE.



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